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Yes! If you wish to bring your number to Yomojo, during the sign-up process simply tick the ‘I want to bring my mobile number to Yomojo’ option and input the number you want to port and the name of your current provider. (See: Bring My Number over)

No! There are no lock-in contracts with Yomojo, so you are free to change your plan as you need and you may cancel at any time without penalty (other than breaking our hearts). If you do cancel your service, you will lose any unused allowance at the time of cancellation.

Please allow 30 minutes for your service to be fully active after activating your SIM card. If you're porting your number, the porting process will begin as soon as you've activated your SIM card. (See Bringing My Number Over)
Ensuring online safety starts with understanding the risks and taking proactive measures to prevent, limit, or block them. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including handling illegal or restricted content, tackling cyberbullying, and addressing other forms of online abuse. If you find yourself at risk in the online realm, don't hesitate to reach out to us or report the incident to the eSafety Commissioner.
If you received or saw any illegal and restricted content online, you can either report the incident to us or to the eSafety commissioner.

When filling out a report, you’ll have to provide evidence about what has happened. This could be noting down information like the web page address (URL) or a person's user profile or supplying screenshots where appropriate. You can visit the eSafety complaints handling process for more information.

If possible, we'd encourage you to talk to a family member, close friend, or someone you trust to support you through this process.
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